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Airbnb Superhost Secrets: How Property Management Can Boost Your Bookings


Becoming an Airbnb Superhost is a prestigious status that many hosts aspire to achieve. It signifies a high level of hospitality and commitment, leading to increased visibility and more bookings. However, managing an Airbnb property efficiently can be challenging, especially if you're handling everything on your own. This is where professional property management comes into play. In this blog post, we'll explore how effective property management can boost your bookings and why hiring a professional property manager might be the best decision for your Airbnb business.

Understanding the Airbnb Superhost Status

What is an Airbnb Superhost?

An Airbnb Superhost is a host who has consistently demonstrated a high standard of hospitality. This status is not only a badge of honor but also comes with several benefits that can help you attract more guests.

Criteria for Becoming a Superhost

To become a Superhost, you need to meet specific criteria:

- Response Rate: Maintaining a 90% response rate or higher.

- Review Ratings: Achieving a 4.8 overall rating.

- Commitment Rate: Having no cancellations (barring exceptional circumstances).

- Hosting Experience: Completing at least 10 stays in a year.

Benefits of Being a Superhost

Airbnb host holding a Superhost badge with happy guests in the background.

To be a Superhost means higher visibility for you on the platform, more bookings, and ultimately, more income. Per AirDNA, Superhosts make up to 29% more revenue than hosts who don’t have the classification. That is a massive increase in your bottom line!

Once you get Superhost, Airbnb will increase your visibility on their site and rank you higher among the other Airbnbs in your area. Prominently displayed on your listing will be a badge showing that you are a Superhost, and guests can even filter their search by hosts who have achieved this status. Truly, the goal of every host should be to achieve Superhost status.

The Role of Property Management in Airbnb Hosting

Definition and Types of Property Management

Property management involves overseeing and managing a property, ensuring it is well-maintained and that guests have a positive experience. There are two main types of property management:

- Self-Management: The host manages all aspects of the property, from cleaning and maintenance to guest communication.

- Professional Property Management Services: A third-party company handles the day-to-day operations of the property.

How Property Management Can Affect Guest Experience and Satisfaction

Effective property management is crucial for providing a seamless guest experience, which directly impacts your reviews and bookings. Professional property managers bring expertise and efficiency, ensuring that all aspects of the property are managed to a high standard. Additionally, professional property managers take the load off your shoulders. Owning and operating any rental property can be stressful, time consuming, and overwhelming. Owning and operating an Airbnb or vacation rental is like owning and operating a rental on steroids. There’s more tenant interaction, more turnover, and more work. If you purchased a rental property to make a little extra passive income on the side, an Airbnb property will quickly teach you that passive income is a pipe dream. 

This is where having a property manager step in becomes so important. Let’s take a look at some of the key things a property manager that is a Superhost will handle to ensure your Airbnb’s success.

Key Property Management Strategies for Boosting Bookings

Maintaining a Clean and Inviting Space

Side-by-side comparison of an Airbnb property before and after professional management.

Cleanliness is paramount in the hospitality industry. A clean and well-maintained property attracts positive reviews and repeat guests. Professional property managers ensure that your property is spotless and well-maintained, which can be challenging to achieve consistently on your own.

Enhancing Communication with Guests

Quick and effective communication is essential for guest satisfaction. Professional property managers use efficient communication tools to respond promptly to guest inquiries, provide personalized interactions, and handle any issues that arise.

Implementing Smart Pricing Strategies

Dynamic pricing tools help you adjust your rates based on demand, seasonality, and competitor pricing. Professional property managers have access to advanced pricing tools and market insights, ensuring your property is competitively priced to maximize bookings.

Leveraging Technology for Efficient Property Management

Property Management Software and Tools

Professional property managers use advanced software to streamline operations, from booking management systems to maintenance scheduling apps. These tools help automate routine tasks, making property management more efficient and effective.

Benefits of Technology in Streamlining Operations

Using technology reduces the time and effort required to manage your property, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Professional property managers leverage these tools to ensure smooth and efficient operations, leading to better guest experiences and higher bookings.

Marketing and Branding Your Airbnb Listing

Creating an Appealing and Accurate Listing

Inviting Airbnb living room with cozy furniture and natural light.

Professional property managers know how to create compelling listings with high-quality photos and detailed, honest descriptions. An attractive listing can significantly boost your bookings.

One of the most valuable services an Airbnb property manager can provide is helping you to design and set up your space. A clear, consistent aesthetic makes all the difference.

We tell clients all the time, on Airbnb you're selling reviews and photos. Having a beautiful space showcased in professional photos and the reviews to back it up is critical to your success. Take a look at some of our spaces and you can get an idea of how we set them up to create a wonderful guest experience.

Utilizing Social Media and Online Marketing

Effective marketing strategies, including social media and online advertising, can help attract more guests. Professional property managers have the expertise to market your property effectively across various platforms.

Collecting and Showcasing Reviews

Positive reviews are crucial for attracting new guests. Professional property managers encourage guests to leave reviews and know how to showcase positive feedback effectively, boosting your property’s credibility and appeal.


Airbnb host shaking hands with a professional property manager in a well-kept property.

Effective property management is crucial for achieving and maintaining Airbnb Superhost status. While self-managing your property can be rewarding, hiring a professional property manager offers numerous benefits, from improved guest experiences to increased bookings. By leveraging the expertise and tools of a professional, you can spend more of your time doing what you want in life, and less time making sure guests are satisfied with their accommodations. 

At Here’s The Deal Real Estate, we’ve hosted over 4,000 nights on Airbnb, and have been a Superhost for almost all of them. We know what it takes to create the best guest experience, and optimize each space we manage to ensure maximum profitability. To find out more about how we can serve you as an Airbnb property manager, check out our vacation rental management page. Let us take the burden of managing your Airbnb off your plate, so you can begin to truly make passive income on your rental property.


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