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Denver Property Management for rental owners, by rental owners.

Say goodbye to the headache and hassle that comes with managing a rental property

  • Work with managers that own rentals

  • One point-of-contact management

  • No upcharges on repairs and maintenance

  • 24/7 maintenance and tenant service availability

  • Financial reporting and legal assistance

  • Portfolio analysis and investment brokerage services

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Finally ready to stop managing your rental property? Thinking about purchasing your first, or converting an existing home into a rental? Fill out our form, and we'll set up a consultation to learn about your situation, and how we can best serve you!

Why Choose Here's The Deal Real Estate

At Here's The Deal, we aren't just Property Managers, we're seasoned property owners that have owned and managed real estate investments as short-, medium-, and long-term rentals. Put simply, we have an owner-first mentality when it comes to management, because that's how we've hosted since the beginning. We are in this business to ensure your success, and to manage your rental as if it was our own.  

We manage them all.



There's been an explosion in the short-term rental space over the past decade with the advent of platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. Lots of people have entered this space not recognizing just how challenging and time consuming vacation rental management can be. Let us step in and manage your portfolio for you, so you can finally take your own vacation and stop managing everyone else's.



With over 4,000 nights hosted on Airbnb for our medium-term guests, we have earned our stripes in this industry. Taking over a medium-term rental for you means you have all those nights acting as a support system for your portfolio. 



The traditional, no frills rental investment is the long-term rental. Tried and true. Like all forms of rental investing, the key is keeping your space booked. We'll ensure your tenants enjoy love living in your rental, which will keep them in your space longer. 

What's Included in Our Management Services

Our property management services are all encompassing, and truly provide you with a hands-off service that allows you to simply collect your passive income. Most property managers don't want to be full-service, because it means more work for them. At Here's The Deal, we know going the extra mile for our clients matters.

Leasing Management

Not only do we actively list on all major platforms, we also reach out to our target customers directly to fill our spaces. 

Asset Management

One service most Property Managers don't provide is asset management, which is all about ensuring that your asset is being maintained in a healthy manner for the long term. We'll constantly to health check walkthroughs to ensure everything is in top order. 

Tenant Experience

At the end of the day, your customer as a rental owner is your tenant. We work hard to ensure that the tenant's experience in your rental is second-to-none. This creates the desire to stay in your space longer, decrease vacancy, and increase your bottom line!

Financial Management

From creating income statements, to sending payouts owed, to handling all trust accounting requirements per state law, we'll ensure your books are all in order come tax time, and a clear picture of your asset's performance is available at your fingertips.


Things breaking or damage being caused during a guest's stay is inevitable. You can count on us to coordinate and manage any maintenance that needs to be completed on your property with our trusted vendors. 

Analysis & Brokerage

Interested in buying an rental investment or expanding your portfolio? We can help you purchase a rental as your agent, and take you from end-to-end in the transaction. From underwriting, to showing, to brokering, and managing - we can do it all!

Interested in Buying a Rental Property?

Since Here's The Deal Real Estate is a full-service real estate company, we can help you through the entire process of purchasing a rental investment property. Our approach will ensure you're taken care of from start to finish. We'll be there every step of the way to provide our expertise and set you up for success.


We'll take care of underwriting potential properties to make sure the numbers make sense based on your long-term goals. 


We'll represent you as your agent, be your boots on the ground to tour homes, and handle the entire transaction for you from start to finish.


From coordinating work, to leasing the property, to managing it for years to come, Here's The Deal will make sure your rental property operates profitably.


Who We Are

The brothers behind Here's The Deal.

David Heisler

David is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, Broker and Property Manager with years of experience in Institutional Investing. He founded Here's the Deal to help others achieve financial freedom through Real Estate. David's strategic mindset and attention to detail make him a trusted advisor for his clients. When he's not working, you can find him biking around Wash Park or hitting the slopes. Wave if you see him riding by!

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Jonathan Heisler

Jonathan is a local Real Estate Investor and Co-Founder of Here's the Deal. Jon started off house hacking in Denver and has built up a portfolio over the years that way. He wanted to share the lessons he learned house hacking with the people looking to achieve the same financial freedom as him.  After years working as a software engineer for various startups, Jonathan decided it was time to set out and build a business helping people leave their 9-5.

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Take your real estate investment journey to the next level with our management.

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